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Apr 20, 2021

In this week's #DataTalk, we chat with Dr. Djamila Amimer, founder of Mind Senses Global, about trends in artificial intelligence during the age of COVID-19, challenges in the global supply chain, recommendations for data scientists, and recent achievements in A.I. During our conversation, Dr. Djamila Amimer also dispels common misconceptions, myths, and fears surrounding artificial intelligence.

Dr. Djamila Amimer is the founder and CEO of Mind Senses Global, a management consultancy that helps businesses and organizations integrate the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their decision-making. She graduated from the University of Dundee with a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and Energy Economics. She is a business leader with a broad range of experiences across AI, machine learning, commercial deals, business strategy, energy, supply chain, shipping & trading, business resilience, and climate change. Djamila has developed frameworks and novel AI techniques in the area of investment decisions dealing with uncertainty in project evaluation. She is passionate about AI and would like to make AI accessible to everyone.