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Jul 20, 2021

In this week’s #DataTalk, we chat with Harpreet Sahota, Lead Data Scientist at Price Industries based in Winnipeg, Canada. He is also the host and creator of The Artists of Data Science podcast, the only self-development podcast for data scientists. During this episode, Harpreet talks about his morning routine, the positive impact of journaling and meditation, and how he prepares for data science guests that come on his podcast. He also teaches us about how he manages time between his day and nighttime endeavors, having time for himself, and taking care of a family. 

Host of The Artists of Data Science podcast, Harpreet is a thought leader in the Data Science space with over a decade of education and in the field. With his strong business acumen, statistical background, modeling capabilities, data engineering, and machine learning engineering know-how, he feels right at home both working with engineering teams to deploy models to production and distilling complex data science concepts for business stakeholders. By day, Harpreet works with leadership to define and execute strategies that demonstrate the value of the data at Price Industries while maintaining a rigorous set of principles. By night, he mentors nearly 2,000 up-and-coming data scientists by providing thoughtful mentorship and technical guidance. He is always looking to connect with driven, focused, and experienced data professionals and leaders from around the globe.